Purposes of the association

Here are the purposes of TAPH TAPH.

Our aims are:

  • Support social interest in self-construction and heritage, healthy habitats and the knowledge about vernacular culture.

  • The promotion of building construction based on the active participation of people and healthier environments. We support egalitarian culture and gender, open pedagogy and social accord.

  • Holistic and specifical view points in ecology related to buildings, architecture and landscape and social, economical and physical dimensions.

  • Create local, regional and state social networks.

  • Low-tech buildings and zero energy systems.

  • Management among people, government and public institutions.

  • Cooperate and promote intergenerational dialogue.

  • Promote critical thinking in pedagogy and people skills for hábitat construction.

  • Protect and support vernacular architecture.

  • Environmental and Social researching related to architecture.

  • Support Environmental and Sustainability Education.

  • Promote International Cooperation and Peace Education.

  • Promote the Health Education.

  • Promote Teaching Education.

  • Promote Social Economy and cooperative values.

  • PSupport Social Participation.

  • Promote Volunteer Programs.

  • Promote Gender Equality and Equal opportunities.

  • Support groups like youngs, inmigrants, women, disabled people, old people and children.


Are oriented to the practical and theoretical aspects of the construction of shelters based on horizontality, active participation and promotion of good health.


Projects that aim to increase awareness of the raw materials of the surrounding environment.


Realise a building can be a source of ccontamination just like it is built. Know how to save energy and be suitables.