Frequent questions about bioconstruction.

Issues that you made yourself or you'll end up doing if you are interested in green building.

Here you will find answers to issues of green building.


Bioconstruction is the whole philosophies and technics based on the search of health and social equality for hábitat construction.

Toxicities from materials and building systems are avoided, promoting the earth fertility, avoiding toxic electromagnetical fields and allowing the building breathability.

Low energy materials are used, looking for the Nature health. Good orientations and situations are studied.

Bioclimatic Architecture

An architecture wich uses the nearly resources, water, winds, sun, trees or soils, reducing the energy used for indoor and outdoor comfort.

Passive systems with high termal mass, deciduous tres well located, natural ventilation or toxic energies insulations are main points for designing bioclimatic architecture.


Sciences base don the study of life and Earth physical chemical environment. Natural and man-made radiations disturbances. It is used as a habitat medicine to improve the different living places.

Building with earth

Building with natural soil without transformations. Mud bricks, rammed earth or wattle and daubt.

Building with Strawbales

There are some diferent systems strawbales alone or combined with Wood frames.

Vernacular architecture

Popular architecture using local resources in easy ways. Cultures from parents to sons without professional architects.

Holistic Landscape

The interpretation of the whole systems and their parts. Complex and different to the parts sum. That is why the landscape is something more than crops, poblation, climate, … It is complex relationships as socioeconomical relationships, environment biology and so on.

Construction Standards. Spanish standards and other.

The “Código Técnico” is a recommendation and not an obligation in Spain but the different Institutions sometimes used it as an obligation. It is only necessary a project and an architecture professional and an insurance company.

There are different european standards for this kind of buildings like national standards in countries like Germany, United Kingdom and USA.


Are oriented to the practical and theoretical aspects of the construction of shelters based on horizontality, active participation and promotion of good health.


Projects that aim to increase awareness of the raw materials of the surrounding environment.


Realise a building can be a source of ccontamination just like it is built. Know how to save energy and be suitables.