Our activities are:

  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Open workshops
  • Scholarship activities
  • Volunteering camps
  • Shows and exhibitions
  • Project design and construction


Surf the web to know each other better, and please contact us for any question. We are open to proposals and suggestions that will benefit the development of sustainable construction, minimizing energy use, the ecological footprint and maximizing reuse and recycling.

Do you want to attend a workshop or organize a conference?

Check out our activities, and if you want to organize one in your environment, do not hesitate to propose your idea, we'll help you carry it out.


Are oriented to the practical and theoretical aspects of the construction of shelters based on horizontality, active participation and promotion of good health.


Projects that aim to increase awareness of the raw materials of the surrounding environment.


Realise a building can be a source of ccontamination just like it is built. Know how to save energy and be suitables.